The links below provide additional resources related to OPC Technology and to OpenOpcUa partners. Contact us to be part of this list.

  • OPC Foundation
    The Vision of the OPC Foundation is to provide the best technology, specifications, certification and processes to enable companies to build products and services that demonstrate multiplatform multi-vendor secure reliable interoperability.
  • 4CE Industry
    4CE Industry is the French competence center in OPC technology. 4CE INDUSTRY mission consist in driving you in your OPC journey. We have+20 years of expertise in OPC technology. 4CE INDUSTRY is part of the OPC Foundation.
  • OPC UA France – Hosted by GIMELEC
    Depuis fin 2019, le GIMELEC, membre de la Fondation OPC UA, anime le groupe de travail OPC UA France, à travers son nouveau Club éponyme. Michel Condemine est l’expert technique de ce groupe.
  • Cyrion
    Cyrion est la société éditrice de la suite logicielle procyd.
    procyd comprend des produits d’analyse, supervision, conduite, batch, traçabilité, reporting, validation. Elle est basée sur la méthodologie ΔNodes qui a définit, dès 1989, l’approche objet pour les systèmes de process automatisés, antérieurement à la S88 publiée par l’ISA en 1995 et à l’IEC 61512 en 1997.
    ΔNodes modélise l’analyse fonctionnelle, la programmation, la supervision et la conduite, la traçabilité.
  • Intespace
    Intespace is a service and engineering company in Toulouse providing a complete set of environment simulation test facilities in the domains of Space, Aeronautics and Defence.It offers mechanical, acoustic, thermal and radio electric testing to European industrialists, allowing validation of systems and equipment prior to operational implementation.
  • SIS
    About Us SIS has craftsmanship in the design, production, installation and control of :
    Gas Volume Conversion Device (GCVD), Automatic Meter Reading, Remote Transmit Unit, Remote Network Management Device, Remote Management of Cathodic Protection, Central Station for Network remote management, Customer Service (installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, …)