About OpenOpcUa


Open Source C/C++ codebase for OPC UA product development. The OpenOpcUa is an Open Source codebase (CECILL-C Licensed with no Fork option) that makes the OPC UA development easy. It’s available on Windows, Windows CE, Linux and VXWorks. With OpenOpcUa codebase you can create client and/or server. Because Open not means free. So to access the OpenOpcUa codebase you have to pay a one time fee. more detail here

  • The same codebase for all platforms
  • A server ready to use
  • Extend OpenOpcUaCoreServer using Add-ins.
    • There are 2 kinds of add-in :
      1. VPI for Communication drivers like Modbus, Profibus, S7
      2. VFI for interface with RDBMS or Binary file
  • Powerful API for client development
  • Supports exisiting and future UA information models without recompilation.
  • UA information models loaded dynamically from XML file conform to the standardize UANodeSet.xsd
  • A common project supported by worldwide companies
  • OpenOpcUa code base is compliant with the OPC Foundation Compliance Test Tool (CTT)
  • Collaboration tool