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Why create an open source OPC UA project ?
An Open Source and multiplateform OPC UA implementation will provide a way to teach OPC UA and will allow its adoption by a wide range of users.

Why support OpenOpcUa ?
Because we need your support to continue to create this implementation. The maturity of the project is good enough to allow its intrgration in real product. But a lot is still front of us.

Why become OPC Foundation member?
The OPC Foundation provide several benefits to its member. Including access to specifications, .Net codebase and the Compliance Test tool. More information here.

Is OpenOpcUa a toolkit ?
No. OpenOpcUa is more than a simple toolkit. OpenOpcUa is an idea of collaboration and evangelization. OpenOpcUa is a reference implementation for OPC UA. The same codebase is shared between all platforms. You just have to create add-ins for device communication or database storage to personalize the OpenOpcUaCoreServer.

How to create an OPC UA Model?
OpenOpcUa contains a powerful tool to create Types Nodeset. This tool is called XiMulator. It allows to create Types Nodeset from XMI file. XMI files can be exported from your preferred UML modeler. So 3 simple steps to create a Types NodeSet.
1- create you Data model with a graphical UML modeler
2- Export you Data model in XMI format
3- Generate type Nodeset from XiMulator
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