General questions

Why create an open source OPC UA project ?
An Open Source and multiplateform OPC UA implementation will provide a way to teach OPC UA and will allow its adoption by a wide range of users.

Why support OpenOpcUa ?
Because we need your support to continue to create this implementation. The maturity of the project is good enough to allow its intrgration in real product. But a lot is still front of us.

Why become OPC Foundation member ?
The OPC Foundation provide several benefit to its member. Including access to specifications, .Net codebase and the Compliance Test tool. More information here.

Is OpenOpcUa a toolkit ?
No. OpenOpcUa is more than a simple toolkit. OpenOpcUa is an idea of collaboration and evangelization. OpenOpcUa is  a reference implementation for OPC UA. The same codebase is shared between all platforms. You just have to create add-ins for device communication or database storage to personalize the OpenOpcUaCoreServer.