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Developers Workshop

April 23rd – April 24th

New York City

About this event

OpenOpcUa, jointly with its sponsors, invites you to attend a hands-on workshop on OPC UA and OpenOpcUa. This exceptional event will allow you to discover the benefits of the new OPC Foundation Unified Architecture: OPC UA and how to develop UA components using OpenOpcUa.

About OPC UA

Since 1995, the OPC Foundation has provided the key technology for industrial system interoperability.  OPC standards, originally based on COM/DCOM technology, have been widely deployed.  OPC has helped many companies effectively achieve interoperability across energy, industrial automation/ manufacturing and Building Automation industries. Today, the Foundation has continued on the path of interoperability, extended the scope of the OPC specification and updated the technology to be platform independent by using modern communication techniques.  Now, WAN integration of devices with systems such as ERP, MES, IoT Integration Platforms, and Smartgrid can benefit from OPC UA technology.  From the shop floor to the top floor, OPC UA integrates data based on deployment of a model driven architecture. Discover how to take advantage of this powerful technology by using the OpenOpcUa implementation.

Device Communication Issues:

·      How can I deploy secure two-way asynchronous wide area communications?

·      How can I develop components on Linux, Windows, and on embedded systems?

·      How do I replace Modbus and DNP3/IEC 60870  with modern technology?

Who can benefit from attending?

·      All software architects, consultants, and developers in charge of all or part of O&M application and device integration.

·      Developers of device connectors.

·      Device hardware vendors and automation system integrators.

·      Designers and resellers of OPC products including companies selling OPC DA drivers for their hardware.

During this session you will learn:

·      How OPC UA provides secure, very high performance platform independent technology for device data integration across a wide area.

·      How OPC UA provides off-the-shelf interoperability with business applications (MES, ERP, AMS, GIS, ...).

·      How OPC has become the preferred solution for the exchange of information between the different standards (BacNet,  ISA, Foundation Fieldbus, HART, IEC 61850, Communication Foundation, FDI).

Day 1 Overview

·      Presentation of OPC UA and OpenOpcUa

·      The OPC UA information model;

o   An object oriented framework for distributed systems.

o   Includes support for adapting standard, legacy, and custom device data models

·      OPC UA plumbing

o   Security

o   Protocols

o   Encoding

o   Pub/Sub

o   Alarming

·      OpenOpcUa server components

·      Building an OpenOpcUa server on Windows and Linux

·      Custom server extension tutorials (Part 1)

o   How to create an device adapters

o   How to map device data into an OPC UA Information Model

o   How to create a database connectors

·      Questions and answers

Day 2 Overview

·      How to create your own information model and instantiate it using OpenOpcUa.

·      Custom server extension tutorials (Part 2)

o   Connector workshop

·      How to develop OPC UA clients using the OpenOpcUaClientLibrary

·      OPC UA Client implementation on Linux with Qt

·      OPC UA Client implementation on Windows with Visual Studio

·      OPC UA Client workshop

About OpenOpcUa

OpenOpcUa is a C/C++ Open Source codebase that makes the development of OPC UA components quick and simple. OpenOpcUa is available on Windows, Linux and VxWorks.

With OpenOpcUa you can create clients as well as powerful and scalable OPC UA servers.  OpenOpcUa partners include:

·      Schneider Electric

·      Electricite de France

·      Gas de France

·      RTE: France’s Transmission Network Operator

·      Atos

·      EoLane

·      Interspace

Organized by:

4CE Industry

4CE Industry is the premier Center of Excellence for OPC technology. Our mission is to accompany users throughout their OPC projects and provide training, auditing, development support, and certification.  4CE Industry has more than 15 years of expertise in OPC technology. Before promoting a product, we promote the OPC technology.

Grid Cloud Systems

Grid Cloud Systems provides software development support for OpenOpcUa in North America.  Grid Cloud Systems specializes in helping customers develop information models and build custom connectors. Grid Cloud System has 20 years of expertise in OPC technology having participated since their original technical work sessions.  Grid Cloud Systems has expertise in a variety of vertical domains including Smart Grid, power generation, manufacturing/ industrial automation, and IoT.